20 Upwork Alternatives That Will Help Grow Your Business: May 2021

20 Upwork Alternatives That Will Help Grow Your Business: May 2021

Odesk and Elance have merged to become Upwork.com and the leader in hiring freelancers and remote tracking software.

However, they’re only focused on short term projects, not long term workers.

(Check out our comprehensive Upwork review.)

At Time Doctor, we’re part what we call the second generation of remote work.

So, we’ve amassed a list of companies that we think have figured this out as well 🙂

Each of these Upwork competitors on the list has their own unique approach to helping companies hire freelancers and remote staff.

We decided to break this down into two categories: Staffing Marketplaces and Time Tracking Software.

See how Time Doctor’s easy-to-use time tracking software can help your team be more productive.

Alternatives to the Upwork Time Tracking software

The other feature of the Upwork platform is time tracking software that tracks time for the freelancer, and verifies work done with screenshots of the person’s computer screen every few minutes. If you’re looking for an alternative to this component of Upwork then this section of the article is for you..

Time Doctor

Time Doctor homepage

What it is: It’s us!

TimeDoctor is a time tracking software whose mission is to dramatically improve the productivity of teams, reduce time spent on distractions, and help companies to be able to manage remote workers just as if they were in the same office, maintaining a high level of productivity when working remotely.

Our app has similar features to the time tracking software inside Upwork with an option to take screenshots of the person’s computer screen every few minutes.

Once you install our app on your computer, our app will then track how you spend your time online and send you daily reports to monitor your progress and the progress of your team.

Key Features:

Time Tracking, staying productive at work is about getting more done in less time.

When you can accurately track where time is spent in your business, it’s easier to ensure that everyone is working efficiently.

Time Doctor will not only track the total time worked by every person on your team, it will also provide a breakdown on how much time is spent which projects (or clients) and tasks. Time Doctor’s data is accurate to the second, so you easily bill clients or pay employees based on tracked time.

Website and Application Monitoring, giving you detailed insights on how you spend your time so you know where your weaknesses are and can improve them.

Time Doctor silently records application and Internet usage for all users during work time. Managers receive a weekly report outlining which websites and applications were used, and for how long. Individual users receive the same report outlining their own time usage stats.

This report helps to identify productivity issues. For example, if you’re a developer and you’re only spending 10% of your time on development, you can see what’s occupying the rest of your time and make adjustments to get back on track.

Who it’s for: Time Doctor is perfect for one man armies looking to maximize productivity throughout the day as well as fast growth startups (like ours) who need to manage teams across multiple time zones and continents.

Sign up for a free trial of Time Doctor today.


What it is: workother is a product that really focuses on how productive you are and not necessarily how long you’ve worked. It measures the categories of time you’ve worked and gives you a overall productivity ‘score’ based off what it deems as productive use of your time and unproductive use of your time.

You install the app workother on your computer and it will read all activity on your terminal and give you an overall productivity score. The app is not really designed to be turned on or off but more to run in the background.

General Freelancer Platforms

General freelancer platforms contain every imaginable kind of freelancer that a business could possibly want. The benefit to the business owner is that this is a one stop shop for outsourcing talent. You can find a video editor, a blogger, a designer and a developer all on one platform.



What it is: Outsourcely is the world’s easiest way to find, hire and work with reliable, vetted remote workers from 132 countries that are looking to build long-term sustainable relationships (short-term freelance projects).

How it works: Search remote workers by skill or post a remote job. Then connect with candidates immediately using real-time private chat, browser to browser video & voice calling, video & voice messaging or just regular email. This makes hiring fast and easy.

Why it’s different: There are a few major differences between Outsourcely and the other talent marketplaces. The first is the talent pool on Outsourcely is mostly looking for long-term remote work, not short-term freelance projects. This is great for employers who are looking to build sustainable working relationships and long-term remote teams.

The second is Outsourcely allows employers to hire workers directly and pay their hires directly. This can save employers thousands in fees the other platforms charge.

The third is how effortless it is to interview and hire talent with their real-time communication tools built right in. For example, you can connect with candidates immediately using private chat, browser to browser video & voice calling, video & voice messaging or just regular email. This makes hiring fast and easy.

Lastly, once you hire on Outsourcely you can also manage your remote team via their built-in Team Workplace platform. You can even invite your existing team to Outsourcely and manage everyone under one roof.

Best of all, Outsourcely is giving all Time Doctor customers a 30% discount. Just enter “staff30” to get 30% off all plans.



What it is: Freelancer.com is a global outsourcing marketplace very similar in function to Upwork, which allows potential employers to post jobs that freelancers can then bid to complete.

Here’s how it works: You post a job and freelancers make bids to complete. You can then compare and select bidders. You pay once you’re satisfied with the work.

Why It’s Different: Depending on your membership type, you will be charged fees once a freelancer accepts your offer.

On Free, Basic and Plus memberships, you pay $3 USD, or 3% of the total project cost, whichever is greater. Standard and Premium memberships don’t pay any project fees, however, they have monthly fees of $49 and $199 respectively.



What it is: Guru lets you find and hire talented freelancers to help you complete a variety of different projects.

Search for services being offered by freelancers that match your needs. They have a global network of 1.5 million freelancers (called guru’s) to help you complete technical, creative or business projects that you have to complete.

You choose a freelancer by evaluating their profile, which includes reviews, recommendations, and testimonials as well as a relevant portfolio.

Why It’s Different: One of the cool features that Guru offers is the ability for the business owner to manage the project without leaving Guru.com because of the built in project manager app.

Within Guru.com, you can create agreements, define milestones and tasks, communicate, and share documents. All of the necessary functions needed in order to complete a project.

Only when the project is completed do you pay for the service.

Who It’s For: Guru is ideal for small and mid-sized business owners who need a one off project like a website, app, or even a blog post.

You have the ability to “shop” for a guru based on price, experience, and reputation. Some of the Guru’s will outprice small businesses, but there can be some real bargains if you search hard enough.

Fiverr banner


What it is: When you need it done fast and cheap, you go to Fiverr.com. The place where every service is offered for $5.

Whether you need an explainer video, a product description, a proofreader, an email marketing campaign, or a blog post, you can get it on Fiverr.

First, you browse for the type of service that you need. You’ll get a wide array of service providers to choose from. Once you’ve chosen who you wish to work with, you can “order now”.

You upload your project requirements to the Fiverr system and within a few days you’ll have a completed project.

Why It’s Different: Everything is $5. They do allow vendors to upsell other services, but everyone’s base service is exactly $5.

Who It’s For: Fiverr is for anyone who needs to get something done quick and dirty – very, very dirty. Seriously, you get exactly what you pay for.

The discounted rate for which you get the service completed comes at the expense of quality. But, it’s perfect if you’re looking to validate an idea, build a minimum viable product, or have a box to check off and quality isn’t an issue.



What it is: With PeopleperHour.com, you have three options to get started: Browse Hourlies™, fixed price offers ready to start immediately, post a job and let people find you, or search profiles and contact freelancers directly.

Like other marketplaces, PeoplePerHour lets you choose freelancers based on reputation. You can read reviews of past work and hire someone who fits within your budget.

Hourlies, which is PeoplePerHour’s trademark discovery technique allows you to find a service at a fixed price so you don’t have to negotiate or be surprised by the final cost.

Features: Like Guru, PeoplePerHour.com gives you the ability to manage the project, share documents, and pay for the service without ever leaving the platform.

PeoplePerHour also offers a satisfaction guarantee, and you only have to pay for work if you’re satisfied with the final product.

Who it’s for: PeoplePerHour is ideal for small and mid-sized business owners who need a one off project like a website, app, or even a blog post.

You have the ability to “shop” for a freelancer based on price, experience, and reputation. Some of the freelancers will outprice small businesses, but there can be some real bargains if you search hard enough.



What it is: Witmart.com is a Chinese based internet marketplace and workplace for non-physical products including service, designs and digital goods. Together with their sister website zbj.com they are one of the largest crowdsourcing service companies with over 7 million registered users.

The website provides a place where employers can post their service requirements and providers can bid and work on jobs posted by Employers.

Why it’s different: As you might expect, there is a heavy emphasis on Chinese freelancers. While Witmart is touted as a global marketplace, a cursory glance at the site, it’s easy to determine that most of the labor force will be coming from China.

Like other sites, you can open your job posting up to an auction. This will allow the freelancers to compete for your work via a bid. This is especially useful if the task that you’re looking to achieve isn’t critical to the success or failure of your business.

Who it’s for: Witmart is ideal for small and mid-sized business owners who need a one off project like a website, logo, and other marketing and business functions.

You have the ability to “shop” for a freelancer based on price, experience, and reputation in order to help you find the perfect freelancer for your business.



What it is: YouTeam is a Y Combinator-backed marketplace where you can hire developers from trusted agencies of Eastern Europe and Latin America.

How it works: After you share info about the project over a short call, YouTeam managers will source matching software developer profiles available from the company’s talent pool of 20,000 engineers. The average time between contacting YouTeam and having the first interview with developers is 48 hours.
Even after signing a contract with engineers, YouTeam continues helping with negotiations between client and vendor. With YouTeam’s secure payment process, the software development company gets paid only after the client accepts the work.

Why it’s different: The most important difference between YouTeam and other marketplaces is that developers in their talent pool are not freelancers. They all are employed with the top agencies of their countries that manage all questions related to their salaries, vacations, work conditions, etc, so that developers can concentrate on getting the job done. It also means that developers will be fully dedicated to client’s projects, unlike freelancers who may run a couple of projects simultaneously.
Despite the fact that it’s possible to hire a single developer for a short-term project, YouTeam is more focused on building remote software development teams for long-term commitments.

Who It’s For: The majority of YouTeam’s clients are startups and SMBs from the USA and Western Europe. That’s why YouTeam works exclusively with agencies from Latin America and Eastern Europe to give its clients a chance to hire developers with small timezone differences. YouTeam is also a solution for companies that are open to hiring the best talent, no matter where they are located. The company operates a dynamic database that helps them connect companies with great developers who are available really fast.

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