The Return of a Comedic Genius?

The Return of a Comedic Genius?

22 years ago, Andy Kaufman, costar of the hit ABC comedy series “Taxi” was
diagnosed with Large รูปสาวเน็ตไอดอล Cell Carcinoma – the most deadliest form of lung cancer
known to man. Kaufman, ever-optimistic, was determined to annihilate the
ungodly disease that was mercilessly attacking his lungs with the aide of
psychic surgeon, Jun Labo. Accordingly, Andy flew to the Philippines accompanied
by girlfriend, Lynne Margulies, to vist “Dr.” Labo.

Andy Kaufman, 35, underwent a grueling 6 weeks under the hands of
Mr. Labo. He came home changed. He thought he was cured, friends
and family members recalled. Indeed. Kaufman thought the “operations”
were a success, and that he’d be back to work in no time. That was,
of course, before his body proceeded to function in excruciating pain;
Consequently, He had no other choice, but to go see a real doctor….

Unfortunately, all of Andy Kaufman’s attempts to cheat death were in vain.
And he died on May 16, 1984, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, in Los Angeles,

Above is the standard conclusion regarding the death of Song-and-Dance-Man,
Andy Kaufman. The prospect of Andy being, in fact, alive has fascinated
me for quite some time now. That’s why I have decided to do some make-shift
detective work. To delve a little deeper inside the ground, and see, with
the assitance of one of his friends, if he’s really gone.

The question most frequently asked by fans invariably is: “If he faked his death, don’t
you think he’d come back by now?” My assesment: No. His goal was never to entertain
anyone but himself. For instance: When the Andy hates [Jerry] Lawyer saga
was in its prime, Kaufman made Jerry Lawler and (best friend/writer) Bob Zmuda
swear on their lives that they’d never reveal the truth – that all the animosity
between Kaufman and Lawler was, in truth, bogus.

Before his death, Andy Kaufman felt angry and rejected: “Taxi” had been canned,
he was booted from his Transcendental meditation courses on account of his
wrestling act being too risky. And, most notably, being voted off “Saturday Night”
Live”, (the same place he lip-synched the Mighty Mouse theme song years earlier,) by
the Iscariot-esque Dick Ebersol.

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