Tom Hicks Destroying The ‘Liverpool Way’

Tom Hicks Destroying The ‘Liverpool Way’

“Liverpool is a fantastic club with a remarkable history and a passionate fan base,” Gillett and Hicks said ข่าวลิเวอร์พูล in a statement. “We fully acknowledge and appreciate the unique heritage and rich history of Liverpool and intend to respect this heritage in the future.”

Respect our heritage? Liverpool supporters have spent the past few weeks looking on in anger and disbelief as their club was being publicly dragged through the gutter. Barely a day went by without the destabilizing figure of Tom Hicks attempting to stir up trouble of one sort or another. Things have even gotten to the stage where there are Manchester United fans saying that they’re “glad they have the Glazers”.

This particular week of the year was always going to be a very important and emotional one for Liverpool supporters around the world. It’s the 19th anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster; the day in which 96 people lost their lives in the Leppings Lane end of the old ground. It’s a time for reflection and respect; compassion and remembrance.

Yet the whole week has been overshadowed by loose cannon Tom Hicks, who has spent the time lobbing grenades at his chief executive Rick Parry, his co-owner George Gillett and, potential purchasers of the club, Dubai International Capital. On the Thursday prior to the anniversary, Hicks decided to go public via Sky Sports News and demand Rick Parry’s resignation. No board meeting was called to discuss the matter with his co-owner and the other members of the board. No proper legal procedure was followed.

He cited his reasons for wanting Parry out (all valid) but failed to disclose his true reason: an extra vote on the Board and the means to prevent himself being out muscled by the (possibly) incoming DIC investment group.

Having decided his initial effort hadn’t had the desired impact, he began slinging more mud two days after the ceremonies. He gave a quite bizarre interview to Sky Sports News (again) in which he labeled Parry a “disaster” and DIC “masters of British tabloid spin”. He also attempted to drag Benitez further into the conflict by claiming that Parry had been in discussions with Jurgen Klinsmann prior to his arriving at that now infamous meeting in New York.

It was a continuation of his transparent efforts to create a ‘Benitez or Parry’ situation; the hope being that a Benitez ultimatum and fan-power would ultimately force Parry to resign.

And all of this on the week of the Hillsborough anniversary! How is that “respecting the heritage” of the club? How are Hicks’ public skirmishes and oneupmanship battles part of the ‘Liverpool Way’ (the decades-old doctrine through which these kind of issues are addressed behind closed doors)?

A few months ago he said: “The Liverpool Way is to win championships and to not create controversy … we need to win championships”

One can only assume that he didn’t understand what he was saying.

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